This process is extremely efficient, time saving and it is advantageous that updates can be obtained electronically. The platform is an integrated and cohesive piece of technology which enables the composition, management, delivery, and optimization of an contextualized digital experience across the multi-experience customer journeys.
Asaaf Mohammed, Applicant
While the implementation of this system would have predated the present Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, the DevelopTT platform could not have been rolled out at a better time. It definitely showed that the Town and Country Planning Division was already seeking to transform the ease at which their services can be accessed by the public. The system is very user friendly and to date I've been able to submit, track, edit and follow up on multiple applications with ease. This platform is definitely a much needed upgrade from the traditional paper-based system. However, as with any platform, there are issues which can arise. Thankfully, when I did encounter an issue, the response from the DevelopTT Help Desk was timely, which ensured that the issue was promptly addressed and resolved. I can wholeheartedly say that I am really impressed with the platform thus far and I'm patiently awaiting the addition of the remaining Planning Regions and other e-Services.
Approver, Housing Development Corporation
My experience on DevelopTT was an amazing one. The application process was easy to navigate through and it gave detailed, step-by-step information which flowed and at no point I was lost. I was able to upload all my documents without encountering an error message which I was most surprised with. I was also able to upload the necessary documents and complete the entire application within 30-40 minutes, bearing in mind I had all my information on hand. Town and Country responded to me before the stipulated time-frame which clearly surpassed my expectations and I was able to follow through and check on the status of my application at any time which made this a plus for me. I must mention, I called in a few times and the persons I liaised with were extremely helpful, one name I can remember from the top of my head is Mr Nester. This new system is definitely an upgrade and a step in the right direction moving away from the paper to paperless system. Keep up the good work TCPD and I hope to see this implemented throughout the various regions .
Marissa Bissoondial, Applicant
The DevelopTT registration was the only lengthy process for me, however once you pass that initial stage, the application process is easy to follow, user friendly and time efficient. It's definitely the step in the right direction, and I would surely encourage my fellow professionals to get on board. I would really like to see the other Regions get on board soon, especially the Southern Region.
Rikki Rajaram, Applicant
DevelopTT is the next evolutionary step towards the modernisation of the planning process. It's fast and efficient and very user friendly.
Zakee Abdullah, Applicant
I highly commend DevelopTT and all of the associated personnel for enabling the submission of applications for Planning Approval online. This new service is easy to use and responses have been quick, clear and efficiently communicated. I consider this to be an enormous leap forward for the Industry and a signal of the intent to keep Trinidad & Tobago on the cutting edge of progress and development and I look forward to using this portal for all future projects.
Mr Darren Sirju, KS&P Ltd. (Reg. Engineer - Board of Engineers of Trinidad and Tobago), Applicant
I would like to thank Town and Country Planning Division and the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago for executing this initiative. As architects, we have been looking forward to any initiative that reduces the normally long process of applying for planning approval as this can negatively impact the schedule of our clients who often need to move quickly to take advantage of market opportunities. If time is money, wasted time is wasted money, so I see increased efficiency in this process as a positive step in the improvement of the country's overall competitive strength. This specific strategy with the DevelopTT online format, so far has shown considerable improvement in TCPD's response time, the ability for me to monitor the status of pending applications, and the overall speed of obtaining approvals. Also as an architect who promotes and supports sustainable initiatives, I applaud the reduction of the use of paper with the change to digital submissions. The implementation of the system is of course timely with pandemic restrictions as we are all forced to work more remotely. Everyone with whom we have had to interact, that provides support for the new system, has also been very pleasant and helpful so far, so please keep up the good work.
Mr Gary Turton, Director, ACLA Architecture - Applicant
DevelopTT's online Automated Construction Permitting System is definitely a step in the right direction for Trinidad & Tobago. I was able to upload my planning application and view the progress with ease with the TCPD Decision History on the dashboard provided. This is a feature that I truly appreciated. The system also guides you through which documents are needed for submission, which ensures that all the necessary documents to start the process are initially provided. If there were any queries with the documents submitted or action required on my part, it was indicated on the dashboard, and followed up with a call from the TCDP. The ability to print the TCPD certificate directly from the dashboard is also a noteworthy feature.

The process guaranteed an application decision within 60 days of submission. Although the TCPD part of my application was approved in 35 days, the Municipal Corporation and the CMOH Decisions are not showing up on my dashboard as approved. As at September 21st, 103 days have elapsed since the start of my application. An email can be sent directly to the applicant if there are any actions required from the applicant to allow the application to proceed further. Overall, it is a good system. I do hope similar systems are put in place in other ministries to optimize their processes and minimize the frustrations experienced by citizens.
Ms Marissa Edwards - Applicant
Having no prior experience in submitting Town and Country Applications, it was somewhat intimidating to be told that I had to utilize the newly developed online platform. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of use of the interface and its self-guiding nature to the uninitiated.
My application moved smoothly through the different sections of the department and the online platform allowed me follow this progress. The support staff was available and very responsive in sorting out a couple small issues with my application.
The true testament to the process is the fact that I was able to receive the planning permission within 60 days of my submission, thereby allowing me to bring forward my project timelines at a significant cost savings to my company.
Mr Clifton Balkaran - Applicant
My experience with the DevelopTT pilot project, i.e. TCPD Planning Permission. I was quite elated to learn that my submission could have been considered for the pilot project although it wasn't officially rolled-out to cater for my geographical area, i.e. Diego Martin. I was very much aware of the many challenges under the previous dispensation in getting timely approval or even feedback particularly as I still have lodged within the old system, an application, after an initial submission dating back to mid-2019.

I uploaded my application on March 12, 2020 and was gladly able to track the status of the application throughout the process. I observed that the application was forwarded to the Planner on March 27, 2020 (a mere 15 days after submission) which was very extremely pleasing and shocking to my eyes. Subsequent to that activity, which presumably was the last in the process, I noticed that no feedback was received and hence inquired with Ms. Rattansingh, who indicated that there were some challenges with the system which needed to be resolved with the developer. This, coupled with the impact of COVID-19, I guess, resulted in planning approval being received on May 7, 2020. The end to end process for my application took 56 days. For me, it was a breath of fresh air. It was truly an amazing experience.
Mr. Renil Allen - Applicant
The new online permitting system will completely transform the way we interact with the TCPD. It's not only a faster and more convenient way of communication but it is also a flexible system that is capable of adapting to any future changes in the application process. Additionally, eliminating paper copies is an important step towards a sustainable and more efficient life for both the government and citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.
Mr. Adam Schiller - Applicant
We see DevelopTT as a major way of improving how we do business with our stakeholders; developers, contractors, homeowners and our burgesses. They will benefit from a much more streamlined process and a much more transparent process. This initiative helps us to find a way to improve the time we take to approve plans and speed up development in the city.
Mr. Deoraj Ramtahal - Chief Building Inspector, Port of Spain City Corporation
It would have a green effect on the environment, as small as it is, we'll be using less paper. That's one issue. But on a larger scale, we'll be able to access large drawings easier and in real time, real space. DevelopTT will only help enhance better practices within the organization for the approval and building process as we go forward.
Mr. Juma Lessey - Building Inspector, Port of Spain City Corporation
DevelopTT captures the workflow of each corporation and all of the other government agencies. DevelopTT will allow more transparency for applicants. They will be able to get faster feedback from the corporations and have better interaction with the building inspectors.
Mr. Riyaz Ramkissoon - Building Inspector, Port of Spain City Corporation
DevelopTT is tremendous. It gives the applicant more time to work on the application itself instead of having to interface one-on-one with each person on the project. It will help the industry and it will move the process forward where both local and international investors will be so intrigued to do business here.
Mr. Alston Fournillier, Director and CEO, A&L Estate Management
I like it. It's not a cumbersome type of system. In the age that we are in now, everybody likes convenience, so I'm seeing it catching on really quickly.
DevelopTT Training Workshop Participant
This DevelopTT system will impact our jobs significantly. People will buy into it and like it because again it's a matter of convenience.
Town and Country Planning Division Development Control Inspector
I think it is a wonderful tool for both the customer and the agency to minimize travel time with easy access within the confines of your space.
Government Agency Representative at a User Acceptance Testing session
The way the system design is setup good in terms of members of the public being able to send their information (e.g. architectural drawings, structural drawings and other information pertaining to the building, via softcopy). The system design makes it very convenient and fast to upload files and access files by the computer.
Comment from a participant at a User Acceptance Testing session for the Regional Corporations
With additional hands on training this program will meet its expectations.
Government Agency Representative at a User Acceptance Testing session
The software is very user friendly as you can navigate from one screen to the next quite easily. This feature will enhance the Public Health Department with respect to approvals.
Tobago House of Assembly Representative
System design will help to make inspections timelier. The ease of geo fence will allow for accurately identifying property with the use of tablets.
Tobago House of Assembly Representative
I believe that an Automated Construction Permitting system would benefit TCPD staff and reduce the processing time of an average application, and streamline the services that TCPD offers to the general public. This system would achieve all the above and benefit the staff and all shareholders alike, if the system reflects the actual file movement and application processing that currently exists at the regional offices and improve and fine-tune those processes.
Town and Country Planning Division Planner
We are happy to have participated in the User Acceptance Testing sessions. We look forward to the launch of the system and further collaboration with the TCPD and other statutory bodies to work towards vastly improving the construction permitting process in Trinidad and Tobago.
Trinidad and Tobago Institute of Architects
System at this time seems to be able to work but there are a few minor details that need to be worked out. But all round the system seems to be well taught out. I'm very eager to see it in full swing.
Town and Country Planning Division Staff member at a User Acceptance Testing session