Project Background

The current development permitting system in Trinidad and Tobago involves approvals from over twenty-five (25) government agencies which has resulted in unacceptably long approval times and tedious manual processes. In an effort to address the deficiencies identified in this process, the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (GORTT) has examined alternative options to improve the competitiveness of the country.

In January 2017, the GORTT made the decision to implement the Automated Construction Permitting System (ACPS). This project was designed to fulfil the objectives of reducing the administrative burden placed on the business community; to improve the quality of service to builders, property owners and developers, and to provide accurate and timely information to decision makers, managers and staff throughout the system.

This project was funded under the Inter- American Development Bank (IDB) loan for the Strengthening of the Single Electronic Window (SEW) for Trade and Business Facilitation.

In March 2018, the system designers, CrimsonLogic, commenced the project to create the DevelopTT platform, for the automation of the development permitting process. The project included four (4) major phases:

  1. Business Process Re-engineering
  2. System Requirements Gathering
  3. Software System Design
  4. User Acceptance Testing

These phases were completed in the last quarter of 2019

The pilot of the Automated Construction Permitting System was launched in the first quarter of 2020.